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Monitoring of energy consumption

Do you have high energy costs? Do you want to save on energy consumption?

Firstly you need to have an overview of consumption at every point in time. You need to have access to the information regarding energy consumption for a given work shift, day or month… Only after that you can evaluate the consumption and search for saving opportunities. …

Begin to build that very energy consumption monitoring system.

We can tell you how……

We are offering you a monitoring system with the following properties

  • a modular, and open system, you can build it incrementally and over time
  • option to add other meters into the system ,water, gas, etc.. and gradually build a company-wide monitoring system
  • the system contains numerous input, output, communication modules
  • communication between the entry points modules of meters and the central unit possible according to the specific situation in operation via the 485, Ethernet, radio, or through the 230 V network
  • visualization of the system on a chosen PC or the option of a webserver installation and data access via internet from anywhere
  • option to watch consumption online , with access to archived consumption reports
  • option to create and monitor consumption . using “virtual meters” – e.g.. consumption meter for the whole line, operation, etc.…
  • option to export data to Excel
  • automatic report creation in the customer's desired format