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Regulation of reserved capacity

Do you pay surcharges for exceeding reserve . capacity or maximum reserve capacity?

You don`t need to pay them! We offer you a regulatory system, which will protect your contracted reserve capacity. You will not have to worry exceeding it and facing high sanctions from the electricity supplier. We will design and install a management system, which will take care of it…

How Does it Work?

The basic component of the regulatory system is a regulator, , whose entry point impulses from the electricity meter used for billing are directed via a separating module. The regulator calculates the output and work expected based on these impulses. Every 15 minutes it monitors the outcome of output and total electrical work.

If it concludes, it is going to exceed the approved quarter-hour work , with the actual power consumption, it will start switching off the exit points to which , specific types of appliances are connected. The switch-off of an appliance is signaled to the operating staff..

Depending on the switch-off technology the regulator switches the appliances on again or signals to the operating staff, they can switch the appliance on..

Properties of the Regulatory System

  • jediný systém na trhu s implementovaným webserverom
  • vizualizácia možná na ľubovoľnom PC s prístupom na internet, tablete či mobile bez nutnosti inštalácie softvéru s neobmedzeným počtom užívateľov
  • on-line sledovanie regulačného procesu, odberu, stavu regulačných stupňov, histórie udalostí, reportu dosiahnutých maximálnych hodnôt za aktuálny a predošlý deň, aktuálny mesiac a 12 mesiacov spätne atď…
  • regulačný systém podporuje viacero metód regulácie
  • k dispozícii história profilu odberu, účinníka
  • option to connect any number of appliances
  • synchronizácia času s NTP serverom na internete
  • option to export data to Excel
  • automatic report creation in the customer's desired format
  • option to add other meters onto the system – e.g.. water, gas, etc.. and gradually build a company-wide monitoring system